Emotional Brain of cats

This presentation is an overview of decades of research done to discover parts of the brain responsible for functional and emotional behaviour of cats. These studies were done for the benefit of humans. They were invasive and no doubt many animals suffered but they show without a doubt that cats have emotions and these emotions are linked to their health. 

Despite my disdain when reading  these studies, I also know that many cats are still suffering from emotional distress in animal shelters because emotional health is not yet given the same focus as physical health.Therefore, I feel it is important for all of you caring for cats in shelters to see this presentation and to ensure the emotional wellness of each individual is given priority


This presentation explains how “The  University of Queensland- Cat Emotion Indices” (CEI) were developed.

Each behaviour in the CEI was validated with stress and immunity biomarkers.

CEI is now available as d user friendly tool to assess the emotional state of cats in animal shelters. When used daily, CEI will inform you about each cat’s:

  • Emotional state
  • Risk for developing URI
  • Specific treatment required to improve emotional health and prevent onset of URI


Study on link between emotions, immunity & URD

The treatments in this presentation are effective but not all practical for animal shelters. 

Research is underway to determine the minimum treatment time needed to receive similar benefits found in these studies.

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